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The Story of Mengsteab Zerai - Regina, Saskatchewan


Mengsteab arrived in Regina, Saskatchewan from Tel Aviv, Israel on May 15, 2016. In early December of 2014, Yordanos, his cousin, and her mom Zege cosponsored Mengsteab through All Saints Church and the Diocese of Qu’Appelle. Zege had not seen Mengsteab in person for over 25 years, neither did his cousins meet him since birth. 

Mengsteab fled from Eritrea on December 12, 2011. Few years after completing Grade 11, Mengsteab was forced to join the army where he received military training for six months. The army forced him to work for three years in the pretext of national service which should last for 18 months. Eventually, Mengsteab escaped from the authorities and made his way to Israel via Sudan, and Egypt through the Sinai Peninsula. Mengsteab joined his older brother Kibreab in Tel Aviv on January 9, 2012.

Like all refugees in Israel, Mengsteab had no legal status. This implied that Mengsteab lived in fear of arrest and deportation, as he could not even secure a job. It was during this period that Yordanos approached the All Saints Church to do a family-linked co-sponsorship without exposing the Parish and the Diocese to any financial liability.

Soon after arrival, Mengsteab enrolled in the evening language classes at the Regina Open Door Society and worked during the day. Mengsteab works 12 hours a day and plans to complete his L8 English which is the highest level at the SaskPolytechnic in the winter term. Mengsteab also plans to attend the Grade12 Adult evening school as his long-term goal is to become a dental hygienist through SaskPolytechnic. 

Anglican Diocese of Qu'Appelle believes that Mengsteab will be successful because he has the drive and ambition to become a dental hygienist.

Credit: Anglican Diocese of Qu'Appelle, Regina Saskatchewan

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